My name is Moriah Shapira (Rapaport), and I grew up in Shiloh. My parents were one of the first families to arrive here with a dream of finding the first capital city of Israel, the City of The Mishkan, and rebuilding it. Throughout my life, I’ve been privileged to see how the area grows and develops and how more and more visitors come to connect with our history.

Recently, something exciting has happened in Ancient Shiloh. Kosher Red Heifers from Texas have been discovered and brought here. This week, the Arab networks were in an uproar over the issue, which we just read about during last week’s weekly Torah reading. In the Telegram channels of Hamas and Hezbollah they published angry posts about the fact that five kosher red cows were recently brought to Israel.

Why are Muslims so afraid of cows? They understand that the Red Heifers are the key to the Temple.

According to the Torah, anyone who comes in contact with a dead person, before entering the Temple, must go through a purification process made with the ashes of a red heifer. For many years they could not find a red heifer. According to the Torah, the cow must be perfect – even two hairs of a different color disqualify it. Recently, a breed of cows common in Texas – Red Angus – has been identified as having the appropriate reddish-brown color. After much effort, Rabbis managed to find five perfect calves!

The calves were brought to Ancient Shiloh, the place where the Mishkan originally stood and where the ashes of the red heifer were used in our history. Today, we are working on establishing a new visitor center where visitors can see the heifers and learn about the role they play in the Mishkan.

Several One Israel Fund groups have already visited the red heifers and were impressed by the special cows. Thanks to the help of One Israel Fund we are in the process of establishing a visitor center. I invite you all to come visit the ancient city of Shiloh and see these unique red heifers with your own eyes.