Advanced and Basic Lifesaving Kits

The Emergency Medical Response teams of Judea and Samaria are among the most experienced and highly trained in Israel. Often times, the great distance to proper medical facilities makes their roles much more vital as they are the first and only option in tending to a medical crisis. The reality of terrorism and everyday medical emergencies demands that these professionals maintain the highest level of training they can attain. There are frequent medical emergencies that warrant the use of monitor defibrillators, used in cases of heart failure to “jump” or re-start the heartbeat. Heart failure is not limited to heart attacks; even in an emergency, when there is shock and extreme loss of blood, the heart can be affected and the use of the monitor can save precious lives. This emergency medical equipment has become so vital that most shopping centers and public areas are slowly becoming equipped with resuscitation kits.

Just as in any field, equipment must be purchased, maintained, and at times, upgraded. As the communities of Judea and Samaria continue to grow, new and updated equipment must be purchased.

One Israel Fund, together with the regional councils and the medical professionals in these areas, has targeted 40 locales in extreme need of this equipment.

Each advanced lifesaving kit includes a full life-resuscitation kit, an AED monitor defibrillator, and a burn kit set side-by-side in a portable carrying pack, enabling full mobility in either a regular medical emergency or a terrorist attack. The basic lifesaving kit contains everything below, but without the AED monitor defibrillator.


Advanced Lifesaving Medical Kits – $3,600 each

Basic Lifesaving Medical Kits – $1,400 each


Advanced Lifesaving (ALS) KIT – Complete Mobile Paramedic Kit

  • 1 Improved paramedic bag with padded back and removable pouches
  • 1 Bag-valve-mask resuscitator adult w/ oxygen reservoir
  • 1 Bag-valve-mask resuscitator child w/ oxygen reservoir
  • 1 Oxygen Tank
  • 1 Suction unit handheld trigger type
  • 6 Airways orpharageal size 00-4
  • 1 B.P. cuff + stethoscope
  • 1 I.V. kit complete 0.9% normal saline
  • 5 Pairs of gloves
  • 1 Flashlight for forehead
  • 1 Cervical collar adjustable
  • 1 I.V. kit DEXTROSE 5 %+ 0.9% normal saline
  • 1 Burn Shield Kit
  • Complete emergency chest drain kit


Bandaging Kit

  • 13 field dressings
  • 3 triangular bandages
  • 1 medium field dressing
  • 2 tourniquets
  • 1 elastic bandage
  • 10 gauze pads
  • 5 roller gauze
  • 1 package of plasters
  • 1 Polydine liquid (iodine)
  • 1 Polydine cream
  • 1 medical tape roll

Intubation kit

  • Laryngoscope w/ 5 blades
  • 5 ET tubes in various sizes
  • Guide for ET tube
  • Lidocaine lubrication gel
  • Tape for tying tube

Basic Medications

  • 5 amp adrenaline
  • 5 amp atropine
  • 3 amp lidocaine
  • 3 amp midazolam/assival
  • 3 amp pramin
  • 3 amp fusid
  • 2 amp sodium chloride
  • 2 amp amiodarone
  • 2 amp dopamine
  • 1 pkg aspirin tab


*BLS Kits Contain Most Equipment Above, With Exception of the AED Defibrillator