Armadillo Protective Blanket

Imagine having rockets or mortars landing and exploding near you, and having no proper shelter to run to, having no way to protect yourself or your family. What would you do? The constant threat and daily fear require a substantial solution! T9 design and Pro Asymmetric have come up with a solution for this kind of situation.

The “Armadillo” Protective Blanket has been specially developed to fulfill a real need to protect anyone in any situation, anytime, anywhere. The “Armadillo” is designed to protect these people from shrapnel from these blasts that can severely injure or even kill.

The Armadillo Specs:
Quick deployment up to 10 seconds
Lightweight,weighing between 5-7KG (depending on size)
Comes in a variety of sizes
Comes uniquely packed for easy deployment
Allows proper posture and minimum threat exposure
IDF approved MIL 662-F STD
Unique protective material that protects against shrapnel and blast impact
Made in Israel

Cost of a single Armadillo: $1,200

See the Armadillo in action!