Beit Haggai Youth Village

Beit Haggai Youth Village was established at Beit Haggai, a residential community named in memory of three young men (Hanan Krauthamer, Gershon Klein, and Yaakov Zimmerman) who were murdered at the entrance to Beit Hadassah in Hebron in the spring of 1980. Beit Hadassah began as a charitable institution, serving both Jews and Arabs in Hebron. Beit Haggai Youth Village not only perpetuates the memories of the fallen, but also the dream of Hebron’s Jewish community: helping the weak, the different, and the needy. From the outset, the founders of Beit Haggai sought to establish a benevolent institution, a special therapeutic and educational center for youth.

Beit Haggai Youth Village was the first school in Israel to institute Family Units, a unique treatment program for boys aged 13-18. Each Family Unit consists of a young couple and their own children, plus another ten boys from all over Israel in need of a warm and loving home environment along with a normal family role model. At the Youth Village school, as part of the Miftan system, the boys study the national core curriculum in small groups, receiving personal attention from a dedicated staff, allowing each student to progress according to his abilities and potential. Several Beit Haggai students have graduated with full matriculation diplomas. Many serve in the Israel Defense Forces, including the combat units.

Besides their academic studies, the boys also receive technical training in metalwork, carpentry, or plant and livestock care, preparing them for the qualifying examinations administered by the Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Labor. In this way, they acquire work skills that will help them as they grow, marry, and establish fine Jewish homes throughout Israel.

Over the years, we have succeeded in rescuing our students from the cycle of poverty, returning them to normal civilian life as young men who support themselves and benefit Israeli society.

Today, Beit Haggai Youth Village has about 60 students aged 13-18, residing in five Family Units. Without the Youth Village’s unique program and close personal attention and care, these youngsters would have a grim future awaiting them. Beit Haggai places them on the right path, turning them into solid citizens who contribute to the State of Israel.