Communications Regional Project

Communications are a major problem for the civilian security teams throughout Judea and Samaria, resulting in a deficiency in overall security. This gap has been deemed a vital priority by Israeli security personnel. A gap in the communications system remains a crucial weakness to Israeli security.

One Israel Fund was asked to help increase the performance of communication throughout Judea and Samaria. With the recent terror attacks in Kiryat Arba, the South Hebron Hills, and various incidents in the Shomron and Binyamin regions, it became clear to the local civilian emergency response teams that the gap in communication abilities costs the responders precious time to arrive at the scene of an attack and coordinate between different bodies.

One Israel Fund will fund the installation of relay stations in strategic locations to expand the coverage of communication devices and allow for better reception throughout the area. This project will also put back into use and increase the efficiency of radios that are currently in the inventory of the communities.

After the mapping of communication needs and the completion of this project, the Ministry of Defense has committed to a budget of one million shekels, ensuring a maximum coverage of civilian communication throughout the communities of Judea and Samaria.

Upon project completion, new handheld communication devices will be distributed to emergency responders and ambulances in the region.

When there is a gap in our security infrastructure, our enemy is aware and able to use that weakness to their advantage. We ask that you help eliminate this communication gap and help create a safer, stronger Israel.

Project Budget: $250,000

We thank you for your help.