The Gevanim Center

The Gevanim center for psychological and social services was established to answer a wide range of therapeutic needs for the Binyamin Region. The center employs more than 50 professionals from a wide variety of fields-psychologists, social workers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech, art and music therapists and more.

Binyamin offers unparalleled quality of life, both physical and spiritual. Yet, with all the rapid growth and success of the communities of Judea and Samaria, great challenges remain. The ongoing threat to personal security and the unfortunate exposure to terror attacks take their toll on children and adults alike. Acquiring coping skills and emotional strength in a sometime challenging and dangerous environment is vital.

The center provides individual therapeutic support and intervention for typical life-cycle challenges, as well as for emergency interventions from traumatic events or general anxiety. At the Gevanim center, children can find the same expensive range of services at a regular child development center. Adults can also receive discreet individual and family therapy.

The staff of Gevanim, under the leadership of founder, Sara Rosenfeld, also engage in extensive community outreach through many workshops in the communities of Binyamin. These workshops aim to provide a platform for addressing the challenges of life while building proper family and communal support systems.

The center is funded through the Regional council and through the national healthcare system. However, this only covers a small amount of the costs. Many individuals do not have the financial ability for the co-pay requirements, or for the costs involved in long term interventions. Although the professional staff at Gevanim works at a reduced rate in order to allow extended services, the center is still in need of significant funds to better provide services. This is particularly important for maintaining and expanding the community workshops, which have proven to be a source of great help and strength for the residents of Binyamin.