Educational Scholarship Fund

In Judea and Samaria, there are a number of families who fall below the poverty line. These families are known by the Welfare Department and receive both physical and mental support in order to deal with their day to day lives, while others receive the necessary resources to help with their financial pressures. Many parents do not have the necessary resources to pay for ancillary expenses incurred by their school-aged students including textbooks, class trips, tutoring assistance and more – all items vital to their children’s educational and social growth.

This is where the Educational Scholarship Fund comes in. The fund, which supports the hundreds of students from impoverished homes, allows these children to attend school, mingle with their peers, and receive the same education without the added financial burdens.

The fund currently disburses $40,000 annually to support these students and each year it continues to grow in need.

Implementation of the project: Immediate. Upon receiving of the donations