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A heartfelt note from Omer & Na’ama Atidya

In 2004, we entered an abandoned and deserted territory and immediately began the task of revitalizing the desolation and creating a safe and beautiful paradise garden. We felt a great responsibility for the land and the youth, and building the farm wasn’t easy to do alone.

We opened our hearts to lost youth in Israel seeking a warm home, direction, love and meaning, and we established a training center for agriculture and Zionism for them in Einot Kedem. For hundreds of teenagers, the farm is considered a home and a nurturing anchor. They have been educated there and become part of a family that continues to grow and expand over the years.

Today, after 20 years of passionate effort, Einot Kedem needs additional partners, more pioneers from near and far, to connect with our common roots and continue this important and exciting mission of supporting and protecting 1,250 acres of state lands at the gate of the land of Israel, near Jericho.

Additionally, we have plans to establish “The Hebrew Pioneer Training Center”, a place that would train hundreds (and with your help, thousands) of youth annually in agriculture and Zionism.

Your contribution goes towards purchasing security equipment for ongoing security needs necessary to safeguarding the farm and all who live here, and providing education, a home, and stability for at-risk teens.

We ask that you join us today in feeling this sense of responsibility for the land with us and to become a fellow pioneer!

Donate today and help us grow and continue to settle the land.

Am Israel Hai! 

With love and appreciation,
Einot Kedem Farm