Eli Summer Camp Scholarships
One of the many connections that came out of Mayor Ariel Elmaliach visit to the Jewish community in Los Angeles was a very exciting and interesting proposal that the community of Eli send a delegation of 10 youth members to participate in the Beni Akiva summer camp on the West Coast.
This proposal has been met with enthusiasm on both sides as we see the potential of building relationships between the youth from Eli in Israel with their peers in the diaspora. We are sure that these relationships will grow and give a greater understanding for the challenges of the Jewish community, the Diaspora, and will also install pride and Zionism in the hearts of the Jewish youth from America who have had the opportunity to spend time with members of our delegation to the summer camp.
In order to make this vision turn into a reality we need to raise a certain amount of money to service scholarships to supplement the cost that each family will need to cover in order to send their teens for 3 weeks to America. Our goal is for the sponsorship to cover 50% and the families in Israel will cover 50% of the cost after a price reduction by the Bnei Akiva camp.
Please contact us if you would like to be a sponsor for this program.