Emergency and Life Saving SUVs

Command and Rescue Vehicles

In many emergencies, the injured are in regions that are hard to reach by ambulance due to the mountainous terrain. This vehicle will allow rapid response personnel to access places that a regular ambulance cannot. It will also serve as a command center for directing operations with victims located in complicated regions, aiding in the search for missing persons in these treacherous areas.

4×4 ATVs

Along the terrain route in Judea and Samaria and the Jordan Valley, victims are often and only rescued by vehicles with 4×4 capability. Rescuers Without Borders is the organization which partners with One Israel Fund to provide these ATV vehicles capable of reaching the injured. These vehicles are in high demand as they are needed throughout the entirety of Judea, Samaria and the Jordan Valley. Currently, there are 3 different sizes of ATVs 4 more or each size are needed to map the area effectively.

4×4 Ambulances

During the winter, when it snows in many areas in Judea, there is a significant need to evacuate the injured by a 4×4 ambulance.

There are currently no 4×4 ambulances available for these types of events.


Due to the nature of living in Judea, Samaria and the Jordan Valley, regions in which communities are often separated from others by a multitude of difficult terrain conditions, providing emergency medical services is challenging. Great importance is given to providing vehicles specifically equipped to deal with these challenges and stocked with the latest advanced medical and rescue equipment in order to provide the fastest medical response. The need is extremely urgent given the current wave of terrorism that plagues us and necessitates 24-hour readiness for rapid medical response. Every minute is critical in saving lives.

List of Regions

Gush Etzion Jordan Valley Shomron
South Hebron Hills


Command and Rescue Vehicles (including registration and vehicle maintenance): $130,000

4×4 Ambulance (5): $265,000

4×4 ATVs (including advanced medical and basic rescue equipment: $85,000