Givat Haroeh Synagogue

The Givat Haroeh Synagogue - The Heart of a Settlement in the Heart of IsraelThe Heart of a Settlement in the Heart of Israel In the Heart of the Binyamin region of Israel – Givat Haroeh is a stronghold that ensures the permanency of Jewish settlement in the region. Settlers of this community are steadfast in their commitment to the land of Israel. This commitment is strong because of their commitment to Torah. The synagogue is the heart of Givat Haroeh. The L-rd has blessed the community. It has grown despite multiple challenges. This is an invitation to join us in construction of a synagogue large enough to serve this growing community.

Givat Haroeh (GH) is a young religious settlement strategically established in 2003 to preserve vital territorial sequence between the Jewish settlements Eli, Shilo and Maale Levona (ML) and to maintain security along Route 60 – the main road connecting settlements in Judea and Sameria. Over the past four years GH has tripled in size. This summer 50 families will call GH, home. After living in “caravan” mobile homes for more than a decade, 13 families now live in houses; six additional homes are under construction and a third group of residents are now seeking to build in GH. We anticipate that by 2025, one hundred families will live in GH.

The Need:
The synagogue in GH is the heart of our community. It was the first “real building” constructed on GH because of its importance to residents. It is in use daily for prayers, Torah lessons, a Talmud Torah for children, Oneg Shabbat programs, Brit Mila ceremonies and more. Constructed to service 50 people, the existing building has grown much too small for the number of growing families.

The New Synagogue:

  • The synagogue is being planned to host 200 people
  • Architect: Tzofia Artzi
  • The construction will include men and women sections, an area to have Kiddushes and a kitchen
  • Planned date of Completion- Shavuot 2023 (05/2023)

Funds Raised:
The families of the community successfully raised 740,000 NIS. In addition, Amana and other sponsors donated an additional 760,000 NIS to the project.

Total Amount Raised to Date: 1,500,000 NIS (417,000 USD) To ensure completion of construction we need an additional 500,000 NIS= (140,000) USD).