“Guy” Mobile Thermal Observation System
Surveillance systems throughout Judea and Samaria have continued to prove themselves in their effectiveness by identifying suspicious behavior in and around Jewish communities, ultimately preventing potentially lethal attacks. While One Israel Fund continues to aid in the purchase and installation of surveillance systems, there are still gaps in their capabilities that a mobile system could alleviate. The “Guy” Mobile Thermal Observation System is a portable thermal surveillance system with the ability to identify a threat, preventing a potential terror attack.
The system is able to provide local civilian emergency response teams with much clearer vision during a dangerous situation while transmitting in “real-time” to Regional Security and the IDF. The “Guy” allows for a quick and easy installation on a vehicle or building. The system is run on an internal communications channel which can be viewed on portable devices including cell phones, tablets, and computers. The camera provides close-range and long-range monitoring up to one kilometer. Opgal, regarded as one of the best Thermal Imaging companies in the world, produces the Main Unit. This technology will greatly add to the security of Jewish communities throughout Judea and Samaria, increase the ability to prevent terror, and increase the safety for the civilian emergency responders in the field. One Israel Fund has been asked by the security personnel of Judea and Samaria to supply them with this equipment. 50 units are needed in total. This has been deemed “Priority.”
Stage One: 10 Units
The Ministry of Defense will be matching each unit supplied by One Israel Fund.
Cost: $40,000 per Unit