Hachnassat Kallah Fund

This organization is working to bring relief to kallahs by focusing primarily on the setup of the new couple’s homes. The items are pre-arranged with various merchants and the couples are able to visit these merchants, “purchasing” the items themselves so as to ease the embarrassment of receiving handouts, allowing them the joy of shopping for these necessities.

These items include: Shabbat Urn, Portable Phone, Food Processor, Microwave, Toaster Oven, Sandwich Toaster, Hand Blender, Stick Blender, Hot Water Heater, Cholent Pot/Slow Cooker, Frying Pan, Set of dishes, Two sets of Silverware, Set of Pots, Iron, CD Player, Heater, Fan, Tablecloths, Dishtowels, Face and Hand Towels, Set of Linens, 2 Comforters, 2 Pillows.

The money goes towards the items listed, thus helping a young couple whose past has been destroyed to build a bright new future.