Kapot Hamanul

After 2000 years of exile, the Jewish people have returned to the Holy Land, having built a nation and a state. However, Temple Mount, the heart of the Jewish people and the center of their connection with God remains barren and unwanted, left to the good will of the Jordanian police.

In the year 2000, small groups began to return to the holy site. Although numbers have grown every year, the harshness and unpleasantness they encountered was devastating. Long hours of waiting, brisk tours and prohibition of prayer were a normal feature visiting the mount.

In light of these difficulties rose “The Open Gate” organization. Striving to provide pleasant, uplifting and professional tours of the Temple Mount for Jews of all backgrounds.

In recent years, a real change has been felt on the mount. Mediating between the police and visitors, the organization, together with many others, has created a much warmer and more pleasant experience, bringing a steady upward flow of visitors.

“The Open Gate” wishes to stabilize itself as a subsidized organization enhancing current activity from within and extending outward to reach wider circles. A stable organization with broad economic infrastructure will enable the production of professional activities in quality and quantity over time.

Stabilization & Development
Funding the guide team: Allowing to maintain a dedicated and experienced team that has operated to this day on a voluntary basis, including a senior management team.
Creating unique programs- various target groups, including pre-military mechinot programs, grooms and brides escort, and Bar/Bat Mitzvah special tours.
Extending circles
Supporting community- building a community of friends and partners, taking part in the organization’s way and receiving a regular newsletter.
Marketing and Advertising- upgrading and maintaining the website, creating a unified language for all the organization’s publications.
Public Lectures- carrying lectures throughout Israel regarding the ongoing changes on the mount and all issues involved, raising awareness and advertising the activity of the organization.
Please join us on our great endeavor to restore Jewish Life to the mount.