Lapidot Emunah Pre-military Academy

Lapidot-Emunah is a pre-military academy for religious girls that prepares its students for a rich spiritual life and to take responsibility in Zionist-social leadership roles, whether in the army or afterwards.

In recent years there has been a significant increase in the number of religious girls enlisting in the IDF. This trend is continuing, yet there are few programs that prepare these girls for meaningful military service and support them throughout that service.

The year between high school and military service is life-changing for young women looking for a challenge. Mechinat Lapidot-Emunah was established in 2014 to address this need and to become a home for religious girls who are motivated to enlist and also motivated to deepen and strengthen their religious, spiritual and Zionist identities. Rabbi Nir is a veteran educator with years of experience in organizing and managing social projects.

The heart of the Mechina is the Beit Midrash, in which students are able to examine their Jewish identities and inner worlds of faith, enjoy in-depth study of traditional sources (eg: Talmud), Zionist philosophy and the history of the Jewish people, and address their own personal and social challenges and questions.

Mechina life revolves around the group, which allows for sharing experiences and ideas and even taking an active part in leading the Mechina and shaping its influence. Students are partners in developing core content and activities and spend more than one half day a week volunteering in a variety of fields in the community, with Holocaust survivors, special needs groups, etc.

The Mechina is in its fourth year of operation with a class of 42 students. 78  graduates of the Mechina are serving in the IDF in significant positions such as: intelligence, operations, the spokesperson’s office, command, training and others. Many of these graduates are now officers and have signed on as career soldiers.

The Mechina budget is based on tuition fees and donations. This is the first year that the Lapidot-Emunah has begun receiving funding from the Ministry of Education.

Success Results in Growth

The Mechina outgrew its original location in the community of Maaleh Michmash and moved temporarily to Sde Bar in Gush Etzion. We are raising funds to complete our new campus in the community of Mitzpeh Danny.

The infrastructure of the new campus has an expected cost of 2 million shekels ($540,000) to build a new Beit Midrash, dining hall and facilities, and to move and re-install eight existing mobile homes.

We are considered a revolutionary Mechina in the fullest and most positive sense of the word due to our location and our conservative stance: educating our students to explore the world of Torah, to exercise the pioneering spirit and to pro-actively contribute to society.

Together with this leadership and responsibility come many challenges, but we believe in our mission and our new path in women’s Torah education. We proudly stand on our record of success: registration has increased every year, the feedback on our graduates is all positive and demand for admission to Lapidot-Emunah has grown to where we are forced to turn away scores of qualified applicants.

This is your opportunity to invest in and support the next generation of women Torah scholars and social leaders in Israel with a donation to build our new campus at Mitzpeh Danny. If you are a student, parent, donor or educator, please contact us to arrange a tour and to meet our students and graduates.

With many thanks, Rabbi Nir Yehuda, and Nitzanit Riklin, Heads of the Mechina.