Lev Binyamin

A Center dedicated to assisting hundreds of children with special needs and their families living in the 45 Jewish communities of the Binyamin Region. Lev Binyamin services children who are challenged by a wide array of disabilities. These children are unable to independently integrate into existing social and educational programs for their age groups within their communities. The responsibility for caring, advancing, and enriching them falls on their parents and families.

Lev Binyamin is the only organization in the area that provides special activities and services for these children, bringing a ray of light into their everyday lives.

Throughout the year, a number of camps take place that represent a high-point in the year for the children of the organization. They await the camps with great anticipation.
Summer Camp: 10 day “camp on wheels” and a 5 day camp for the severely handicapped.
Passover Camp: 3 day camp before the holiday.
Camp in Kibbutzim: Week-long camp for teenagers.
Big Brother/Big Sister Program: An annual program that matches university students and young volunteers as big brothers and big sisters for special needs children.

Day Care Center
Afternoon Activity Program: The children come every day directly from their schools. They are given a hot lunch, followed by a variety of activities, therapies, homework, and group activities with the big brothers and big sisters.
Overnighters: Parents can choose 14 nights (individual for each child) per year, for their child to spend the night under the guidance of their big brother/sister at Lev Binyamin. This program allows parents to spend time with their other children or to take time for themselves. Their special needs child enjoys a night of independence and fun.
Mainstreaming Activities: One of our most important goals is teaching the children to find a place in the community and teaching the community to accept special needs children. For this purpose, we operate various programs that include Lev Binyamin children in activities with their peers.
Shabbaton: A Shabbat program for the children, accompanied by personal counselors.
Family Shabbat: Shabbat for the entire family, operated by a team of professionals.

Information and Guidance Center
Unique classes – Special Education & Integration: Special education classes that are socially integrated into high school institutions: Ulpanat Ofra and Binyamin Yeshiva in Beit el. In addition to the specialized curriculum, the boys and girls participate in every social or extracurricular activity in these schools, including meals, sleeping in the dormitory once per week, prayer services, school trips, after-school electives, and more. Able children are mainstreamed when appropriate. Once per week, these children also participate in activities at horse stables. These activities include therapeutic riding, horse and stable maintenance, and more. Capable children are trained to guide others and act as assistants. In addition, the children are exposed to working environments in supervised positions with private employers.