In the last few years, Migdalim has developed at an amazing pace: 200% growth in the last five years. As of January 2020, more than 130 families – diverse, young, and enthusiastic – call Midgalim their home.

As part of this process of development and expansion, we are constantly trying to gauge the needs of our residents. As such, we aim to offer the families here a lively communal life with appropriate facilities that will serve the residents now and into the future. In the last year, in conjunction with the Department of Agriculture, we completed a significant project to enhance the main public areas in Migdalim. This project cost close to 2 million shekels and it has turned the center of the settlement into a lively and much-used location.

At the moment, our library is located in a 40-meter public bomb shelter, and we have our sights on building a central library that will significantly improve this essential public service. The current library is seriously undersized for our ever-growing population and we consider a larger structure a priority in terms of offering residents a service that they need and want.

We are interested in modernizing and upgrading the library as professionally as possible; we consider it vital to offer residents the latest equipment, with no compromises in the services we’d like to provide our children.


The total cost of the project is 209,200 shekels and Migdalim has succeeded in raising just under 100,000 shekels. We are interested in starting the project as soon as possible, as per the following costs:

Item Estimated Cost
Painting and Renovation ₪ 18,000
Lighting ₪ 21,000
Flooring ₪ 14,500
Window Treatments ₪ 7,300
Exterior and Interior Doors ₪ 12,400
Sheetrock and Electrical Work ₪ 15,000
Bathroom Renovations ₪ 12,000
Acoustical Ceiling ₪ 8,000
Air-Conditioning ₪ 16,000
Additional Equipment and Misc. Expenses ₪ 85,000
Total   ₪ 209,200