Mekimi is an Israeli nonprofit organization that helps families and individuals experiencing severe financial distress regain independence and achieve long-term financial stability.

These families face overwhelming daily challenges, and while they are trying to survive, they lose sight of any form of long-term financial goal. The ongoing financial hardship undermines the household’s stability, putting tremendous strain on the marriage and family life as the entire family suffers emotional angst and anxiety. Unfortunately, most of these families are reluctant to seek assistance due to shame and embarrassment; as their financial situation deteriorates, the opportunity and potential to stabilize their financial future diminishes.

Mekimi helps specifically those who fell into a deep financial crisis and are on the verge of despair. Mekimi’s mission is facilitating financial security for Israel families of all social strata. Our aim is assisting every family in financial distress to get back on track, gaining long term financial stability by providing immediate and long-term solutions to help them achieve a debt-free lifestyle.

Mekimi focuses on both the economic and social aspects of financial stability. We build a community of support for each family, including professional advisors, neighbors, relatives, and friends, facilitating a long-term solution to their economic and personal problems. All services are provided free of charge and are administered by a team of experienced professionals, ensuring that families receive guidance and counseling of the highest caliber, generating significant, lasting results.

We provide the following services: Professional Counseling, Financial Rescue Programs, Prevention Workshops.

Since its establishment, Mekimi has helped over 700 families reach economic stability. Thousands of children, who would otherwise grow up in hardship, are now living in financial security with happier parents who are able to provide for them.