Mitzpe Yericho Sports Complex



Become a part of changing the lives of families in Israel by responding to the needs of this multi-generational city – today, tomorrow and for the future.

In 1977 a small group of young pioneers dreamt of building a community overlooking Yericho and the Jordan Valley. That dream became a reality and has turned into a thriving community with breathtaking views and it continues to grow. Residential buildings, parks, a community pool, schools, preschools, an expanded mikvah and playgrounds have been erected to support the growth of Mitzpe Yericho. We are now over 500 families strong.

Native Israelies and immigrants from many countries including the United States, Australia, Canada, Mexico, France, the former Soviet Union and Ethiopia call this diverse city their home. And the diversity doesn’t stop with nationality. People of all ages enjoy life in Mitzpe Yericho. We have 10 early childhood programs, a public Torani school, a Talmud Torah school, a boys’ high school, and a men’s post high school program.

What Mitzpe Yericho desperately needs is a sports complex. Because of the extreme temperatures, this complex will enable the community to be active all year long. The sports complex will be situated in the center of the yishuv.. All building permits have already been granted. The complex will consist of a soccer and basketball court with spectator seating. It will have ample rooms for sport and recreation classes. The complex will service all segments of the population of Mitzpe Yericho including, senior classes, mommy & me programs, basketball and soccer training, Israeli dance and more.

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