No One Left Behind

The treatment of “PTSD” has been advancing in leaps and bounds. It covers various scenarios, ranging from accidents, abuse and that of trauma based in combat and terror. Many are not aware of the extent of terror incidents and threats the civilian security chiefs of Judea and Samaria have to deal with, nor how their families have to cope with that reality. Imagine watching your parent, spouse or child running off to confront terror, not knowing if you will see them again…and this happens again and again. Treatment programs not only address these issues, but also strengthens the security chiefs and their families.

This successful program receives funding from the Israel government offices of Social Services, Education and Health Ministry. Any budgetary shortfalls are made up through private donations. While many of these programs receive support from major North American philanthropic organizations, sadly, those helping in Judea and Samaria are out of their purview, often times due to political pressures. That’s exactly why One Israel Fund exists and why we feel especially empowered to fund this project.

The “No One Left Behind” Program will provide the necessary support specifically for the security chiefs and their families living in Judea and Samaria.

There are currently three locations offering services for three security officers per area.

Each Group Costs: $1,800 / All 3 Groups Cost $5,400

Full Time Director: $1,300

Total Cost of Program: $6,700