Perimeter Surveillance Camera Systems

Perimeter surveillance camera systems have proven themselves to be true lifesavers. Often times, infiltrations have been thwarted, terrorists have been caught, and lives have been saved due to these systems. The IDF has supplied a number of our larger communities with these systems, but there still remains many smaller yishuvim, which lack this vital equipment. Each community is supplied with the means to better secure itself, boosting the efficiency of its civilian response and security teams. A community equipped with surveillance capabilities also becomes an asset to the IDF defense apparatus by supplying needed information to regional security. The objective of this project is supplying small systems to communities deemed to be at high-risk for terrorist threats. The company currently working with the IDF on this project is Eldor. One Israel Fund has reached an agreement with Eldor to supply the communities receiving these systems, creating synergy between communities. This also increases the likelihood of attaining IDF funding for future maintenance needs.

Vary Upon Size and Scope of Community:

Mobile Car Mounted Thermal Camera Systems (GUY)
15 Needed Per Region (75)
Cost Per System: $47,000
Total Cost: $705,000

30 Stationary Perimeter Systems Needed for Smaller Communities – 6 In Each Region
Cost Per Small Community: $100,000
Total Cost: $3,000,00

15 Stationary Perimeter Systems Needed Per Larger Communities – 3 in Each Region
Cost Per Larger Community: $195,000
Total Cost: $2,925,000