Pinot Chamot

A Pina Chama is a hospitality center for soldiers serving throughout Israel. On any given day, upwards of 500 soldiers could drop in for coffee, cake, snacks or a place to close their eyes. Each Pina Chama is open from early morning until late at night, manned and stocked completely by local volunteers from the host communities. Music, reading materials and board games create a vibe that serves to comfort the hardworking IDF soldiers.

Each Pina Chama is unique. The often sponsor various special activities throughout the year. For example, Sukkahs are built, kitchens are kashered for Passover, candle lighting ceremonies are held during Chanukah etc. Extra care is taken to give the soldiers a taste of home while on duty.

Pinot Chamot are being established regularly. You can allocate your gift to an existing Pina Chama or one currently under construction. Donations towards this project makes for a great Bar/Bat Mitzvah Project and visits to the Pina Chama, as well as volunteer options are available.

Sponsor a new Pina Chama -$40,000
Sponsor One Year- $18,000
Sponsor Half Year- $10,000
Sponsor One Month- $1,800
Sponsor One Week- $500
Sponsor One Day- $180