Project Hila Beit Shifra

The Shomron Regional Council serves more than 41,000 residents, including more than 18,000 students. Project Hila, provides a tailored high school experience for teens who have not been successful in a conventional framework.

Project Hila is composed of a comprehensive team, led by Mr. Ami Haziz, Director of the Secondary Education Department in the Council. The project is supervised by professionals from the State Education and Welfare Departments.

Beit Shifra, named for the Deputy Mayor’s mother, is a warm, loving home for girls in critical need of a safe place to live.

The Israeli Ministry of Welfare recognizes homes like Beit Shifra as a temporary residence. Temporary residences serve as homes for youth that need a refuge from harmful conditions for a fixed period. In addition to housing, temporary residences provide dedicated training in basic life skills, giving these girls the tools they need to live as healthy and independent adults. Temporary residences foster a caring environment for youths to learn to handle life’s challenges, whether these are associated with a personal hardship, financial difficulties, or social challenges. The temporary residence provides a warm atmosphere to grow.

At Beit Shifra, the morning routine consists of studying towards fulfillment of a high school diploma, as well as more advanced courses for those in need. In order to self-support their daily expenses, students work in the after-school hours, typically within community service jobs. The evening program consists of a diverse array of classes and activities to further enrich the girls’ lives.

The Ministry of Welfare recognizes the importance of the proposed program and is providing funds for a full-time counselor who lives in the apartment, manages the daily routines, and is available for the girls. The Shomron Regional Council is helping with the management and maintenance of the apartments, as well as taking responsibility for the girls’ education. Beit Shifra is supervised under the auspices of the Council’s Social Services, Welfare, and Education Departments in cooperation with the Youth Promotion Unit. The Community of Elon Moreh has provided a warm support network for the girls and assigns each one of them to an adopted family, helping with all their needs.

The non-profit organization, “Shifra – Simple to Love,” is seeking donations to purchase and furnish the house, as well as necessary renovations, appliances, and ongoing workshops and educational programs for the girls. 

With this project, you will not only work to nurture girls in need of warmth, but you will also give them a loving place to live, imparting on them the tools to lead healthy and successful lives.