Ever so quietly, without the roar of battle and clamor of war, the Jewish People are being robbed of the Land of Israel. On this battlefield, cement mixers have replaced tanks, bricks have replaced bullets, and innocent looking civilians have replaced soldiers. Their goal remains the same; disinheriting the Jews of their land with the assistance of massive funding provided by the anti-zionist organizations in Israel and abroad.

Regavim’s mission is restoring Israeli Sovereignty and preventing the looting of state land by inspiring the government of Israel to exercise its authority, enforcing the law throughout Israel.

Here’s how we work: Detection, collection data, case files and legal proceedings and enforcement.

Regavim’s work is becoming increasingly complicated. Foreign interests continue to fund illegal activities that imperil the security and growth of the Jewish Homeland. Years of official neglect and passivity have enabled the creation of facts on the ground that may soon be irreversible. Your contribution to Regavim will enable us to continue and expand our efforts to safeguard our most precious resource: The land of Israel itself.