Richard Fein Tribute Fund

Richard Fein was a passionate supporter of Israel and of the Jewish people. Rick was born in Philadelphia, PA and raised in Cherry Hill, NJ. He was the first of four children of Michael and Deedee Fein. Rick attended Rutgers University as a Henry Rutgers Scholar, graduating with a degree in business. While working in marketing at N.Y. Life, he enrolled in a double-degree program, earning an MBA in business from Baruch College and a law degree from Brooklyn Law School.

While in law school, a guest speaker from Australia, Norman Rosenbaum, addressed Rick’s class about the murder of Rosenbaum’s brother, Yankel, during the Crown Heights Riots of 1991. None of the killers were tried for the crime; Rick was outraged and determined to pursue justice for Yankel.

Rick co-founded an organization called “New Yorkers United Against Racism and Anti-Semitism.” That group organized a rally at New York City Hall, where numerous prominent dignitaries spoke, drawing extensive media coverage. The rally sparked renewed attention to the case, resulting in the arrest and conviction of one of the murderers; this experience was life-changing for Rick.

The success of the rally inspired Rick to take a position with Congressman James Saxton in order to promote efforts in Congress to support Israel by fighting injustice and terrorism in both the U.S. and Israel. One of the issues he worked on concerned a young college student, Alyssa Flatow, who was murdered in a terrorist attack on a bus in Gaza. Her father, Steven Flatow, had visited numerous members of Congress, seeking help in holding the nation which trained the terrorists responsible for this act. When Flatlow came to Congressman Saxton’s office, he found the support he had been seeking. Rick, Flatlow, and Congressman Saxton’s efforts remarkably led to landmark legislation, permitting U.S. citizens to sue foreign states for sponsoring terror organizations.  Following a lawsuit in the U.S., Flatow was awarded 250 million dollars by the court.

While his accomplishments in his career were extraordinary, Rick was no less passionate in his personal life. His two children, Natalie, 19, and Noah, 15, were his greatest joy. His love and devotion to his grandparents, parents, siblings, nieces, and nephews knew no bounds. Tragically, Rick passed away on August 31, 2013 at the age of 48. Rick’s humor, warmth, and remarkable intelligence were gifts to all who knew him; he will remain in our hearts forever.

We are fortunate to have found an organization that promotes precisely what Rick so profoundly believed- Jews were entitled to live securely and safely anywhere in the State of Israel; protecting this right was his mission in all of his pursuits.

We hope that Rick’s life will inspire others to support this cause through the Richard Fein Tribute Fund, a part of our organization, One Israel Fund.