Lifesaving Security Chief Emergency Kits

Security Chiefs and Directors in Judea and Samaria, the Gazan and Lebanon border communities, are the first response in all emergency incidents. They are the first ones on the scene, and are most often, the difference between life or death. Whether it be a terror attack, an arson attack, car accident, or any other of a thousand and one nightmares, these are the individuals that truly make the difference.

In order to do their jobs properly and efficiently, they must be equipped with the proper tools and protection needed.

This Emergency Response Kit was designed just for that, to give these heroes the ability to respond as needed. Ranging from terror, emergency medical response, arson terror, this kit provides our responders with an all in one solution to saving lives. The top quality equipment provided here is top of the line. Some of the items included are: Full Trauma Kit, Stretcher, Vehicle Rescue Kit, Emergency Lighting, Fire Fighting Mask and Equipment, and much more. All of this in one portable quality tactical backpack.

As our challenges in this field change, so must the equipment. It must adapt to the never ending scenarios.

200 Needed Throughout Judea and Samaria as well as Communities Along the Gaza and Lebanon Borders
Cost Per Kit: $1,500
Total Cost: $300,000