Security Vehicle Equipment

The IDF has recently purchased 51 new security vehicles for various communities in the Shomron, Gush Etzion, Binyamin, and the Southern Hebron Hills. While they are a large help to the security infrastructure in Judea and Samaria, the vehicles lack vital equipment. Regional security chiefs have turned to One Israel Fund in hopes of equipping their vehicles with the proper accessories and devices that could save lives.

Equipment needed*:

  • Adjustable Searchlight with wireless remote
  • PA system + installation
  • 6 Flashing LED external lights + installation
  • Power Strip attachment from lighter jack
  • 2 LED Searchlights for the sides of the vehicle
  • Installation of communication system
  • Installation of IDF communication system

This equipment will transform these new field jeeps into life-saving security vehicles.

Cost: One Israel Fund participation $5,000/vehicle (51 vehicles needed total * Each vehicle may vary in its particular needs )

Vehicles available to Sponsor:

Shomron: Avnei Hefetz, Elon Moreh, Barkan, Har Bracha, Hinanit, Tel Menashe, Sal’it, Einav, Reihan, Sha’arei Tikva, Shaked

Hebron Hills: Adora, Telem, Beit Hagai, Ma’ale Hever, Livne, Negohot, Susya, Shim’a, Teneh Omarim, Eshkolot, Beit Yatir

Binyamin: Matityahu, Nofei Prat, Eli, Nahliel, Anatot, Na’ale, Ma’ale Mikhmas, Kfar Adumim, Harasha, Talmon, Psagot

Gush Etzion: Alon Shvut, Metzad, Ma’ale Amos, Kedar, Rosh Tzurim, Tekoa

Jordan Valley: Masua, Argaman, Shadmot Mehola, Hemdat, Maskiot, Mekhora, Yitav

Vehicles Completed: Rotem, Hamra, Ibei HaNahal, Elazar, Pnei Kedem