Synagogue in Emanuel
Nearly 40 years have passed since Emanuel was founded. The holding onto the land and the activities of the Netivot Shalom Community has brought more chassidic communities to join this settlement. the settlement is now in the middle of unprecedented building period that has not been seen since its foundation. Step by step, Emanuel is taking a respectable place in the settlement enterprise in general and specifically in Charedi settlement.
The same pioneer spirit that beat in the hearts of our community and brought them to settle the Shomron now beats intensely, and today the community is working on a unique project to found the largest Torah Center in the the Shomron.
The building’s area is more than 3,000 meters in which a spacious synagogue will operate that will hold 400 people, additional Tefila Halls and a rich Torah library, lesson rooms for men and women, a Bet Hora’ah, activity centers for children, a hall for simchas based on a chesed kitchen in which all of the residents of Emanuel will be able to hold their events in an honorable place, near to their homes and at an affordable price.