Heichal Yehudah- 20 years ago, 5 month old Yehuda Shoham was murdered by a rock throwing terrorist. His parents, Benny and Batsheva, are now completing a modest synagogue in their nighborhood in Shiloh in his memory. One Israel Fund is honored to take part in this beautiful initiative and hope that you will join us as a meaningful response to this tragedy.

For a list of elements and Furniture dedications, please reach out to or call the office at 516.239.9202

SNAC- South Netanya Ashkenaz- Our kehilla has grown from a handful of people to more than 120 member families. Our success is the result of the dedication of our members, both locally and abroad. We have outgrown four temporary locations, but always have maintained our trademark: a warm welcome, an inclusive atmosphere, and lively participatory services!

SNAC creates a spiritual home for our unique Ashkenazi community, located on a shared campus with our partner, the South Netanya Sephardi Minyan. The two synagogues will function in parallel, providing a model of achdut- unity. Our new home will be more than a house of prayer. It will be a state-of-the-art community center that caters to SNAC ’s spiritual and social needs, and also serves the community at large. The planned synagogue will incorporate a kitchen, kiddush hall, Beit Medrash, and even our own mikveh – the only mikveh in the South Netanya area. The new building has been designed to house all of these features, serving our present and future needs.

Planning application has been approved for the construction of our new 1200 m² Bayit Echad Campus. The 600 m² SNAC synagogue will be located on the south side of the campus and will include:
• Approximately 300 seats in total for men and women
• An additional overflow women’s gallery of 50 seats
• A lobby area that can open to the main sanctuary and provide additional seating for 30
• A lobby that can be utilized for kiddushim
• A large lecture hall and a rabbi’s study
• Disabled access

To be shared with the South Netanya Sephardi Minyan:
• Men’s mikveh and shower facilities
• Women’s mikveh and shower facilities

Together we will build a center for prayer, learning, and celebration. Participating in the construction of a new synagogue building is a unique opportunity to make a timeless impact. Join us in building our beautiful new home in which we, our children, and grandchildren can pray, learn, and celebrate life events.

Givat Harel