Yeshiva Kochav Hashachar

Torah Lishma

“Enlightening the world with Torah and virtuous deeds and all of the work of the Creator”

In the heart of the Binyamin Region in Israel, in the place where our forefathers lived and carried out their great work, burns anew the fire of Torah.

In the Kochav HaShachar settlement, a religious Zionist community, a Yeshiva was established close to 18 years ago for young Torah scholars.

The Yeshiva has two separate educational tracks, the first is Rabbinic Ordination in religious matters (Yoreah Deah) and the second is Rabbinic Ordination in monetary matters (Yadin Yadin).  Our students toil day and night in learning Torah with a goal and vision of being able to go out to the world around us and teach and inspire people with a broad and living vibrant Torah.

We are seeking partners in our venture! Partners whose hearts beat with a goal of enriching all Jews with the support of Torah study and the support or young budding scholars.

For just $720 you can support one of our Torah scholars for a month!

As a partner you can sponsor a day of learning in the Yeshiva for just $1,500.

These are great opportunities to memorialize you loved ones.


Etz Chaim

Dear Partners:

We are pleased to offer you a unique special opportunity to become a partner in the Mitzva of inheriting and claiming the Land of Israel and all of the special Mitzvot that are Dependent on the Land of Israel.

Our sages tell us that any one who plants a tree in Israel emulates the character and virtues of Hashem who planted Gan Eden in Israel when he created the world.

We are offering you the opportunity to purchase a tree in Israel for the token price of only $360.  This investment is an investment in the “Tree of Life” which radiates the pureness of the Holy Land on its owner.

Upon you purchase of a tree you will receive a signed Certificate Of Ownership and we will arrange for one of the farmers from Kochav HaShachar to observe all of the Mitzvot which are dependent on the Land of Israel for your merit.  We will send you semi-annual updates about your tree including updated pictures.

Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity.

Invest today in your own personal Tree of Life.