Megillot Search and Rescue Team

The Jordan Valley is an area of great strategic importance to Israel. However, its importance to the Jewish People dates back to our very beginning as a nation when our ancestors entered our Homeland by way of the Jordan Valley. The Jordan Valley is home to a growing number of Jewish Communities. In addition, it is a very popular area for hikers, since the rough (but beautiful) terrain beckons thousands of Israelis and foreigners each year. Due to its extreme topography, as well as its propensity for flash flooding during the short rainy season, a highly trained group of volunteers created the Megillot Search and Rescue Team. These teams are the first on-site in the event of a search and rescue operation. This dedicated team of professional volunteers is always on call.

One Israel Fund has been working with the team to provide new equipment and additional training courses to allow them to hone their skills and become even more effective in what they do.

Project Type: Health