Binyamin Medical Center




The Binyamin Medical Center will serve as the primary urgent care and general medical center for the Binyamin region, providing care to more than 75,000 residents living in 45 communities.
Currently, medical services available throughout the Binyamin region are severely limited in scope, quality and accessibility. Despite Binyamin being the largest regional council in Israel, the poor infrastructure, hazardous road conditions and long travel time into Jerusalem places the lives of the people of Binyamin in constant danger. Urgent care is completely dependent on the hospitals and emergency rooms of Jerusalem. The constant threat of terror attacks on the roads make this initiative an absolute necessity.
Based on the successful model of the Efrat Medical Center, built in the heart of the Gush Etzion region; we aim to create a new full service medical center that will provide multifaceted, high quality advanced medical care. 
This center will integrate all regional medical and emergency resources including Kupot Cholim, Magen David Adom, Hatzalah, the IDF Medical Core, local medical and security teams, and the Ministry of Health, placing them under one roof, thus, dramatically improving the quality and scope of services. Joint ventures with private and public medical groups, as well as advanced medical treatment options, will enhance the versatility of the services offered while strengthening the financial foundations of the center. The Medical Center will function around the clock including nights, weekends and holidays.
The success of the center is dependent on careful and expert planning of a healthy and robust financial model that will ensure the sustainability of the center into the future. Integrating a strong public health system with private initiatives, medical real estate, and advanced expert medical procedures, will form a strong financial structure, ensuring sustainability with versatility and professional excellence. 
In addition, The Center will create many employment opportunities with an emphasis on health care professions. It will attract many specialists offering a broad array of medical services, particularly in fields that are not readily accessible even in regional hospitals. Beyond saving lives, The Medical Center will dramatically improve the quality and scope of the available services in the region as it becomes a draw for an even greater population living in the outskirts of Binyamin. The improvement in quality of life and overall sense of security will directly affect the attractiveness of living in Binyamin to new residents.
The Binyamin Medical Center is a non-for-profit organization with the goal of becoming a vital organ for area residents, saving lives and providing much needed accessible, affordable, quality medical care while achieving self-sustainability.
The Center is a project of One Israel Fund; One Israel Fund is a highly respected 501(c)3 nonprofit organization; the premier North American charity whose efforts are focused on the citizens of Yehuda and Shomron, building and securing the heartland of our nation. 
Beyond general and emergency medical services the Binyamin Medical Center will feature:
  • advanced imaging
  • pediatric services
  • surgical center
  • advanced eye care
  • dental clinics
  • pharmacy
  • women’s health clinic
  • rehabilitation
  • physiotherapy
  • hydrotherapy
  • occupational therapy
  • dieticians
  • eating disorder specialists
  • psychological services
The Center will also host specialists in:
  • endocrinology
  • gastroenterology
  • orthopedics
  • neurology
  • cardiology
  • pulmonology
  • hematology
  • oncology
  • dermatology
  • podiatry
  • urology
  • holistic medicine
and more!


Medical Center Naming    $10,000,000.00
Medical Center Campus Dedication $5,000,000.00


Surgery & Trauma Pavilion $2,000,000.00
Urgent Care Pavilion $2,000,000.00 (Dedicated)
Family & Primary Care Pavilion $2,000,000.00
Advance Radiology & Imaging Pavilion  $2,000,000.00



Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) $1,000,000.00
Computerized Axial Tomography (CAT Scan) $1,000,000.00
Pediatric Urgent Care Unit $750,000.00
Surgical Suite (x5) $750,000.00
Synagogue $500,000.00
Rehabilitation and Exercise Center $500,000.00
Magen David Adom (MDA) Wing  $360,000.00
Atrium (Main Entrance) $180,000.00 (Dedicated)
IDF General and Specialty Clinics  $180,000.00
Lower Atrium (Ground Entrance) $150,000.00
Mass Casualty Readiness Center $150,000.00
Police and Security Headquarters $150,000.00
Recovery and Monitoring Unit (x2) $100,000.00
Central Reception and Information Center $100,000.00
Pharmacy $100,000.00
Food Court $100,000.00
Academic Research Center $100,000.00
Laboratory $75,000.00
Staff Lounge (x2) $75,000.00
Administrative Suite $50,000.00
Waiting Room (x15) $36,000.00
Paramedic Lounge $25,000.00 (Dedicated)
Ambulance and Fire Truck Hanger (x2) $25,000.00
Doctor’s Office (x20) $25,000.00
Nurse Station (x5) $20,000.00 (Dedicated: 1)
Handicap Bathrooms (x16) $7,500.00 (Dedicated: 4)



Center for Women’s Health $500,000.00
Eye Institute $360,000.00 (Dedicated)
Dialysis Center $360,000.00
Oncology Outpatient Center $360,000.00
The Heart and Lung Institute $360,000.00 (Dedicated)
Gastroenterology Clinic $250,000.00
Emergency Birthing Unit $180,000.00
Center for Pediatric Medicine $180,000.00
Dental Clinic $180,000.00
Urology Unit $150,000.00
Institute for Mental Health $150,000.00
Center for Specialty Medicine $150,000.00
Blood Bank $100,000.00
Orthopedic Clinic $100,000.00
Endoscopy Unit $100,000.00
Audiology Center $50,000.00 (Dedicated)
Allergy and Asthma Clinic $50,000.00 (Dedicated)
Diabetes Clinic $50,000.00 (Dedicated)
Center for Nutrition and Holistic Medicine $50,000.00
Physiotherapy Center $40,000.00 (Dedicated)



3D Mammography Unit $360,000.00
X-Ray Units (x2) $150,000.00
Landscaping  $100,000.00
Oxygen System $75,000.00
Ultrasound – General (x2) $75,000.00
Ultrasound – GYN $54,000.00
Portable X-Ray $50,000.00
Fluoroscan Mini C-Arm $50,000.00
Meditation & Relaxation Gardens $36,000.00
Portable Incubator $36,000.00
Training Center Equipment $36,000.00
Portable Ultrasound $25,000.00
Defibrillator – Fully Auto w/Ext Pacemaker $25,000.00
Respirator – Auto $25,000.00
Medicine Dispenser (Pyxis) (x2) $18,000.00
Autoclave (x3) $15,000.00
Fetal Monitor (x3) $10,000.00
Arthroscopy Tower $10,000.00
Slit Lamp $8,000.00
Endoscope/Colonoscopy $7,500.00
Doppler $5,000.00
Cardiac Monitor (x3) $5,000.00
ALS Kit (x5) $3,600.00
Crutches (20 sets) $3,600.00
Electrocardiogram (ECG) (x3) $3,600.00
Coulter for CBC Analyzer $3,600.00
Urine Analyzer $3,600.00
Fiberoptic Laryngoscope $3,600.00
Audio-Visual System $2,500.00
Multi Parameter Vitals Machine (x6) $2,500.00
Computer/Printer (x25) $1,800.00
BLS Kit (x5) $1,800.00
Universal Drive Set (Styker Core) $1,500.00
Inhalator (x20) $1,500.00
Electrocautery Machine $1,200.00
Tourniquet Machine (x5)  $1,200.00
Cardiac Enzymes $1,200.00
Equipment Cart (x10) $1,000.00
IV Pole (x20) $1,000.00
Digital Baby Scale (x5) $1,000.00
Mayo Stand (x15) $1,000.00
Digital BMI Scale (x10) $750.00
Crash Cart $750.00
Coag Measurement Machine $750.00
Eye Chart Projector $540.00
Treatment Tablets (x25) $500.00
Pulse Oxi-meter (x10) $500.00
HBA1C $500.00
Surgical Light (x5) $360.00
Autoscope (x20) $360.00
Tonometer $360.00



Bikur Cholim Society   $1,500,000.00 (Dedicated)
Aron Kodesh / Ark  $50,000.00 (Dedicated)
Sefer Torah $40,000.00 (Dedicated)
Bima $36,000.00 (Dedicated)
Furnishings $25,000.00
Siddurim/Chumashim $1,800.00 (Dedicated)



Electric Shabbat Vehicle   $25,000.00
Shabbat Elevator $10,000.00
Grama Lighting & Electric System $5,000.00
Shabbat Keyboards $1,000.00
Shabbat Phone (4) $250.00



Armored Ambulance   $180,000.00 (Dedicated)
Cardiac Ambulance $150,000.00
Patient Assistance Fund $150,000.00
Helipad $150,000.00
Mezuzot (100 Units) $18,000.00 (Dedicated)
Reception Counter (x6) $15,000.00
Communications System $5,000.00
Doctor Office Furnishings (x20) $5,000.00
Treatment Bed (x100) $2,500.00
Recliner (Jerry) Chair (x10) $1,000.00
Adjustable Stool (x10) $540.00
Medical Refrigeration (x5) $500.00
Wheelchair (x5) $360.00
Folding Treatment Bed (x30) $250.00


* Dedication plaques will be placed on the wall of the furnished room or in the room where the equipment will be used, and on the equipment itself. In addition, there is a central dedication wall.

** Dedication plaques as joint donors (several plaques will say “with the generous assistance of”) are available on all rooms that have not been fully dedicated.


Project Type: Health