One Israel Fund

When One Israel Fund was established back in 1993, there were less than 75,000 Jewish residents in our “Biblical Heartland." Today, over 460,000 people make their homes in these areas and the numbers continue to grow exponentially. These communities are strong, proud of their country and history. We like to think we have played a [...]

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Ma’ayanot Bahar – Peduel

A kindergarten with a very special educational approach which follows the image of the famous Talmudic sage Rabbi Chyia and inspired by the great Chassidic masters. This approach teaches children to love and respect Hashem through song and dance, art, prayer and observation of Hashgacha Pratit (divine providence). The atmosphere in the kindergarten is tuned [...]

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Bnei David Mechina Program

Bnei David- Eli is the first Yeshiva Academy (Mechina) Program established in Israel, combining Torah studies and full-length army service (as opposed to the 50% army service component of Hesder programs). Initially, Bnei David was only a pre-army preparatory Mechina program whose goal was starting a silent revolution in the Israel Defense Forces. Over the past 20 [...]

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Lapidot Emunah Pre-Military Academy (Mechina)

Lapidot-Emunah is a pre-military academy for religious girls that prepares its students for a rich spiritual life and to take responsibility in Zionist-social leadership roles, whether in the army or afterwards. In recent years there has been a significant increase in the number of religious girls enlisting in the IDF. This trend is continuing, yet [...]

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Midreshet Binat

Midreshet Binat was established in the year 2000 (5760) in the settlement of Shvut Rachel in the hills of Binyamin. The spiritual underpinnings of the Midrasha are based on an integration of Torah in the productive lives of its students. Be it in University or advancing in a career, the lessons of the Midrasha continue [...]

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The Jewish Heritage Center at Ariel University

Cultivating and nurturing the future of the Jewish nation by instilling the young generation with Jewish values, culture, and history Since its inception, Ariel University has professed and upheld two main priorities: Excellence in education and research in its faculties: Engineering, Medical and Health Sciences, Natural and Exact Sciences, Social Sciences, and Humanities (For further [...]

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Lev Binyamin

Lev Binyamin - A Center dedicated to assisting hundreds of children with special needs and their families living in the 45 Jewish communities of the Binyamin Region. Lev Binyamin services children who are challenged by a wide array of disabilities. These children are unable to independently integrate into existing social and educational programs for their [...]

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Bnei Netzarim Yeshiva

After the disengagement from Gush Katif, residents of the settlements of Atzmon and the Netzarim have decided to establish a religious settlement in the pioneering sands of the Eshkol Regional Council in the Gaza Strip. Goals of settlement: 1. Continue to hoist the flag of settlements that were downloaded with the evacuation of Gush Katif. [...]

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Beit Haggai Youth Village

Beit Haggai Youth Village was established 25 years ago at Beit Haggai, a residential community named in memory of three young men (Hanan Krauthamer, Gershon Klein, and Yaakov Zimmerman) who were murdered at the entrance to Beit Hadassah in Hebron in the spring of 1980. Beit Hadassah began as a charitable institution, serving both Jews [...]

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Dolev Homes For At-Risk Youth

Dolev Homes for At-Risk Youth is a network of 14 projects involving 450 at-risk teens brought together in four locations throughout Israel, including Dolev, Jerusalem, Ashdot, and Modiin. The original mother project, Ulpanat Dolev, is a residential rehabilitation center and school in the community of Dolev near Modiin for 120 high-risk girls, ages 11-19, from [...]

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