Trauma expert Miriam Friedman joins Eve Harow to discuss the devastating issue that has rocked Israel for the last few weeks. The suicide of a prominent rabbi, therapist and children’s books author after myriad allegations of sexual abuse and pedophilia has led to many controversial and contradictory statements and actions by prominent persons.

Survivors of abuse who have not yet shared their experiences are watching closely to see if they have the safety to expose their secrets, social consequences and shaming of the perpetrators be damned. Miriam explains that abuse is when a power differential is exploited and touching or sexual referencing is done, even if there’s no fighting back. She sees this as an opportunity for parents to enhance their relationship with their children by open talk, teaching them to learn to listen to their bodies in all situations and letting the child lead the conversations.

Conservative societies of all types are more susceptible to these sociopaths but given that the vast majority of abusers are someone the victim knows and trusts, it can happen to anyone, anywhere. In Israel ‘Magen’, which Miriam headed, is an address to get help. In the US Zakkah hotline is a resource. If you have a story, tell it. Talk. Listen. Heal. And let’s do something to stop this scourge from taking more lives, because if it hasn’t happened to you then it has happened/is happening to people you love. Without. A. Doubt.