Michael Even Esh is the ultimate Outdoor Educator (aka Israeli Tour Guide). He speaks with Eve Harow from his home in the soon-to-be-invested-in Golan Heights, where the terrain – and events – are not nearly as flat as in his native Kansas.

Michael has reconnected with Livnot, the impactful organization based in Tzfat which encourages participants to reach spiritual heights while searching for meaning above, and sometimes below, ground. A literal rockstar couple, Livnot second generation Eliezer and Noa Botzer, are reinvigorating the organization for the new challenges ahead in this ever changing world in which we live in. They are privileged to have Michael join their dream team as they excavate medieval Tzfat and build a community for seekers. And if an Israeli parvanit comes your way, he’ll just throw fur at you, says this expert on things that crawl, slither and fly. Eve can vouch for that.