We begin our day in Beit Choron visiting the Kaveret – a new Honey Farm.

Continue to Talmon for Jeeping through the beautiful hidden hills of Gofna, including Givat Yekevim of Second Temple times.

Lunch and a tour of the Taggart Fort and new Music high school for Girls in Neve Tzuf, and a toe dip in their internationally controversial spring.

In Ofra we’ll have an early happy hour at the award winning Tanya Winery including a walk in the grape laden vineyards with artisan vintner Yoram Cohen.

Keeping everyone safe – an exclusive peek into the One Israel Fund supported regional Security Center in Psagot.

Buy honey and wine for the New Year!

$80 (300 NIS) for adults, $65 for students learning in Israel and children 12 and under.

For more information, email us at daytrips@haivantiw89.sg-host.com or call Ruthie Kohn 516.239.9202 x10 (USA) or Natalie 058.569.6140 (Israel)

We will be leaving Jerusalem from the Liberty Bell parking lot at 8:15am, and returning at approximately 6:00pm.