Ruti Gillis is a modern Judean legend.  Eve Harow visited her at home in Karmei Tzur, near the Maccabean battlefield of Beit Tzur.

A glass expert, jeweler and art therapist, her world shattered in 2001 when her husband, world renowned hematologist-oncologist Dr. Shmuel Gillis, was murdered by terrorists.  Ruti initiated the flagship Pina Chama/ Warm Corner for soldiers at the Gush Etzion Junction.  For over 23 years volunteers have served tremendous portions of love and appreciation to our armed forces along with coffee, cake and more.

In these days when the Jewish people in Israel are fighting against an unfathomable evil, the unity, faith, kindness and willingness to sacrifice for the nation are what will bring victory along with the outstanding bravery of our soldiers.

After Hamas’s inevitable defeat, come visit and join a workshop with Ruti.

May it be soon.

Together we will triumph.