Sara Haetzni-Cohen and Eve Harow stay on topic – which is pretty much any and everything this ideological and intelligent young mother has on her mind. She recounts her exceptional family and childhood in Kiryat Arba during the Intifada era of extreme terror; her foray into journalism; her thoughts on the danger of current tensions in Israel and how aliya isn’t for everyone.

A woman to watch. We will be hearing from her a lot in the future.

About Sara
Israel journalist Sara Haetzni-Cohen has a weekly column in Makor Rishon and contributes to many other media outlets. As head of the grassroots My-Israel organization, she influences policy makers and opinion leaders and promotes Zionist ideals and education, with a current focus on developing young Jewish leadership in the Diaspora. Sara has degrees in communication, business management and an MA in public policy. In 2016 she was awarded the prestigious Moskowitz Prize for New Initiatives and there’s more to come from this mother of four young children as she continues the legacy of the famous Haetzni family of Kiryat Arba.