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Tzofia is the only website of its kind to provide deep, authentic, thought-provoking Torah wisdom for English-speaking Jewish women.

Several online platforms geared towards women tend to carry superficial and “fluffy” content and fail to properly address women’s mitzvot and characteristics. Tzofia provides real answers to questions women ask about commandments that are related to them. Furthermore, it seeks to strengthen Jewish women’s Avodat Hashem (divine service) by tackling topics that are relevant to their daily lives.

Additionally, one of Tzofia’s unique components is that it will be an “accelerator” of young talents. It will enable women to share their knowledge and give them the necessary support to advance their skills and career through the mediums of writing, podcasting and audio classes. As opposed to other existing websites who seek to offer women a different perspective, Tzofia is faithful to Halakha, Orthodox Judaism and Daat Torah.